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for the best pairing namesquish ever.

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rules. (obvious things are sometimes not that obvious).
01. like tablo (epik high) and eunhyuk (super junior).
02. like tablo and eunhyuk, together; romantically or not.
03. do not hate on tablo or eunhyuk or their group.
04. advertisement needs approval from the mod beforehand.
05. otherwise, you can post anything related to blohyuk.
06. give credit when necessary. & no flashy fonts.
07. have fun darlings ♥ this ship & comm need more love.

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birth name: lee sunwoong. stage name: tablo. also known as: daniel armand lee, supreme t. birthdate: july 22, 1980.
random: (so what if eunhyuk is six years his junior). lyricist. rapper. dj. dork. misfit. mapthesoul.com. epik high. 'musical genius.' likes animals, a lot. coffee. blogs. stanford. drinks. inspiring.

birth name: lee hyukjae. stage name: eunhyuk. also known as: jewel boy, best friend of junsu (/bricked). birthdate: april 4, 1986.
random: (so what if tablo is married, crying). rapper. super junior. shy. dj. clumsy. dancer. too cute. doesn't drink. likes strawberries, fruits. fandom. super secret fanboy. cries easily. image.